After studying English literature and European languages at university, I spent a few years working in marketing and communications, working on big-budget ad campaigns and churning out snappy web copy and eDMs.

I then made a foray into book publishing, most recently working as an editor at Te Papa Press. There I honed my editorial nous working on everything from glossy, weighty art catalogues to dense scientific journals.

Since 2011 I've been a freelance writer and editor for a satisfying mix of renowned national brands like Z and Fly Buys, boutique local companies such as Peoples Coffee and Enjoy Public Art Gallery, and government departments including The Treasury and NZTA. 

Gemma Freeman - copywriter and editor

What I can do for you

Whatever the project, I can whip your words into shape.

I'm best known for concise and engaging copy with a voice that perfectly fits your brand.

I like to sink my teeth into these kinds of jobs:

  • Writing online marketing campaigns, annual reports and communications collateral

  • Copyediting books, articles and working papers

  • Proofreading websites, brochures and catalogues

  • Writing FAQs and other Help Centre copy

  • Proofreading eDMs, tweets and other social media campaigns before they go out

How we work together

I can seamlessly join your in-house team when your company has deadlines to meet and is lacking in resource, or I can be the fresh pair of eyes that ensures your text is error-free and the best it can be.

Once you've briefed me on a project, together we'll work out the best way to structure it – for writing and editing I normally charge by the hour and invoice once the job's finished.

For bigger projects we can negotiate a flat fee, meaning no budgetary surprises at the end. Or you can send through regular snippets of work for a quick once-over, and I'll add up the minutes and invoice you at the end of each month.